Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Fun Day 5

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? We've had our little sprite named Link for about 5 years. He has definitely become one of those traditions that the kids love. If he "forgets" to go check in with Santa and is in the same place the next day, they are none too happy I tell you! 
I usually just move him to different places everyday, but some people out there get so creative with it!
Check out this fun eBook that Amy Locurto published on her blog for some really fun ways to sneak that little elf around.
How cute is this marshmallow bath? I am totally going to try some of these! My kids will wonder what got into their little elf. I would love to hear more ideas of what kind of mischief your little elf is getting into, please share!

1 comment:

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

He's so cute in the marshmallow bath. Hope you had a very merry Christmas.

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