Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines 2013

Happy Heart Day!!
Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Anything involving hearts, pink and chocolate, hey I'm in! I also loved giving and getting Valentines as a child. So it's always been so fun to help the kids put together their Valentines.
It's down to just the three girls now, and every year I hope to get them done early and post ideas on the blog way before Valentine's Day. But it never fails that we still end up putting them together the night before (sigh).
We just found out a couple days ago that our 7th grader was even giving out Valentines this year. So we tried to come up with a few ideas. We settled on Ring Pops and thought it would be funny to use the Beyonce song for the saying, "Put a Ring on It".
Here is the back, where there is a space for your child to sign their name.
To download a free PDF of this printable, click HERE.
For my 4th grader I had seen these really cute wooden spoons online with a little heart on them. So we decided to give a spoonful of hugs and kisses. When the spoons arrived they were teeny tiny! So I ran to Party City to grab some red plastic spoons (not as cute, but they would do right?). But I found these wooden bamboo spoons that were a little big, but actually pretty cheap! And we just drew a little heart on the top with a red Sharpie. 
  We added some Hershey Hugs & Kisses and tied the tag with baker's twine.
To download this free little printable, you can cli HERE.
Last but not least it is our preschooler's first year to give Valentines. The school she goes to has outlawed candy! I get the idea, but I think it's kind of sad on this holiday.
I saw this darling glow stick printable and Charlotte thought it would be fun. You can find that printable HERE. The red glow sticks were from Party City. My favorite part is that she signed them all herself, so cute!
  On a recent trip to Costco I saw this heart shaped ravioli and knew I had to get it! So last night we had a pre-Valentine's heart meal with the pasta, homemade heart bread sticks and green beans (yes, from a can, the hubs loves canned veggies!) The kids loved it and we had yummy heart sugar cookies for dessert.

 Tonight we will have our annual Valentines breakfast for dinner. I'm cooking up some good stuff! I'll probably post a pic or two on my Instagram. If you are an instagram-er, you can follow me HERE!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with hearts and chocolate!


Debbie said...

What a fun post! Love the printables and the pre-holiday meal!

Anonymous said...
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