Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Easy Framed Design "Wall" Tutorial

I have dreams of a big sewing/craft room where I have beautiful stacks of fabric on gorgeous shelves, a huge cutting table and one entire dedicated "design wall". A place where I can put all my finished quilt blocks, fabric ideas, and UFOs. Alas, I have but a sewing closet. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally grateful to have that! But since there's not much room in my room, I decided to come up with my own design "wall". And you can do it too! It's SUPER easy!
You will need:  
Poster size frame. Use a coupon at Michaels or Aaron Bros. I had this cute white frame that used to be in my girl's room, but had no place for it anymore. I loved the frame and didn't want to throw it out, so it was perfect for this project! My frame has plastic not glass. If yours has glass, it's fine, just be really careful!
Quilt batting. I used Warm & White. It was a piece I had leftover from a quilt project-bonus!
Tape. I used a white duct tape that I had around. Any kind of packing tape would work fine.
Ten minutes! Yup, that's about it.
Remove the backing cardboard and plastic/glass. Set frame aside. Place your batting down and then place your plastic/glass and cardboard on top. Cut out the batting until there is 3-6" all the way around.
Fold up the bottom flap of batting and tape in place.
  Fold up the side corner as shown in photo below.
Then fold over the other side making a nice corner and tape in place.
Continue taping and folding corners all the way around until it looks like this. Easy peasy!
 Now carefully place your design wall back into the frame and bend down the frame pins to hold it in place.
Wholla! You have a beautifully framed design wall that you can hang anywhere!
Mine just fits in my little sewing space. It found a happy home surrounded by fun swap gifts and some beautiful little paintings by my friend, Vaishali. 

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, hope it inspires you to create your own design "wall"! If you make any of my projects, please share them on my flickr page!


Maxine said...

Ellie I wish I hooked up with you when you were living in St George. It seems we like the same thing...Maybe I will see you at the Sewing Summit next year...I need to sign up for next year as soon as this one is over...Enjoy your self at the Summit!!!

Miss Jean said...

Love this!!!

Jenniffier said...

I have been wanting to do something like this for a really long time. I just want a really really big one, however I like the idea of a small one it would be nice for a place to put up small quilts and blocks. Great idea.

Nita said...

I love this idea. I have a few antique mirrors that we inherited from my mother-in-law. I always thought they would be pretty painted creamy white (instead of the gold that they are). I need a design wall, so I'm going to think about doing this. I have a design wall question, though...how big should it be? Should you be able to put an entire quilt up? Or just the pieces of one block? What is the most useful size?

Christine S said...

Great idea, thanks!

Shellyyu said...


nanna888 said...

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