Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maggie's Big Day

In our church children are baptized at the age of 8 when they are accountable. It's a special day for the children and the families. Maggie had her 8th birthday and her big day was last Saturday!
  Her favorite color is yellow, so I used yellow, white and grey in her invitation.
Her pictures were done by the fabulous Melissa Thompson. She did it at the last minute for us and they turned out beautifully! Thank you Melissa!
 She just looks so grown up!
Maggie with her dad right before the baptism. I love that they wear all white to symbolize being clean and pure.
 I got one shot of the table all set up and sadly it was a little dark. I made coordinating programs, a sign-in sheet, welcome sign, a flower pen and music book. And of course we had to have roses for our Maggie Rose.
 I also made Maggie a special towel for drying off when she came out of the font. It has the symbol CTR which stands for Choose the Right.
 I got the from Rachel at Made with Love & Glue. I loved the poem that went along with it. Just cut it out, used my Steam-a-Seam, ironed it one and stitched around the edges.
The best part for Maggie was having both sets of Grandparents there to celebrate with her. My mom and dad came from St. George. It was fun to show off our new home and *bonus* my dad helped me hang all my pictures!

And we were so grateful that Chris' parents came from Albuquerque. Chris' dad is currently going through chemo treatments for Stage 4 lymphoma. But he braved the airports and exhaustion to be there for Maggie's special day. Thank you Ron & Jan, we love you!!
 It was a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend. Maggie was all smiles :).

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little OPA Shirt

 On Fridays at OPA, instead of their uniform Sophie is allowed to wear OPA spirit wear or a university shirt. We didn't have either so she asked me to make her one. How could I resist that?
I found a "school" font at Dafont.com for free, yay! Typed it in, printed it out and used it as a pattern for the fabric. Then I used Steam-a-Seam, ironed it on and stitched around the edges. Who-la! Quick, easy and cute! Felt good to be crafting again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to School

 Wow, the last couple of weeks have really kicked my booty! Adjusting to all the new schedules and carpools has been a trick. And I'm still at work making our new house a home. Today I thought I would finally post some first day pictures.
I can't believe I have a High School freshman! I think I have been way more freaked out than Sam has. He says, "It's just school mom". No it's a lot more than that. Someday he'll look back and know that. Hmmm, just takes me back to "the days" that don't seem so long ago! Sometimes I wish I could go back, but that probably would freak him out ;).

Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Ba-ack!

Whew! I have been up to my eyeballs on these ugly things for weeks! First with packing, then unpacking. It feels like a never-ending process, but we are making progress and I'll be glad to be settled in. We are really enjoying being in a house again after the past two years.
Since my last post we've had two family birthdays (mine included:), two different first days of school at 3 new schools (my commuting is insane this year), and I taught a class on Menu Planning. Of course there were a kazillion things in between, but those are the highlights.
The class I taught was at a church function that we called "Back to School Night" for the women of our congregation. The ladies came in and were assigned a year (Fresh, Soph, etc.) and they rotated to four classes and had a lunch break.

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