Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maggie's Big Day

In our church children are baptized at the age of 8 when they are accountable. It's a special day for the children and the families. Maggie had her 8th birthday and her big day was last Saturday!
  Her favorite color is yellow, so I used yellow, white and grey in her invitation.
Her pictures were done by the fabulous Melissa Thompson. She did it at the last minute for us and they turned out beautifully! Thank you Melissa!
 She just looks so grown up!
Maggie with her dad right before the baptism. I love that they wear all white to symbolize being clean and pure.
 I got one shot of the table all set up and sadly it was a little dark. I made coordinating programs, a sign-in sheet, welcome sign, a flower pen and music book. And of course we had to have roses for our Maggie Rose.
 I also made Maggie a special towel for drying off when she came out of the font. It has the symbol CTR which stands for Choose the Right.
 I got the from Rachel at Made with Love & Glue. I loved the poem that went along with it. Just cut it out, used my Steam-a-Seam, ironed it one and stitched around the edges.
The best part for Maggie was having both sets of Grandparents there to celebrate with her. My mom and dad came from St. George. It was fun to show off our new home and *bonus* my dad helped me hang all my pictures!

And we were so grateful that Chris' parents came from Albuquerque. Chris' dad is currently going through chemo treatments for Stage 4 lymphoma. But he braved the airports and exhaustion to be there for Maggie's special day. Thank you Ron & Jan, we love you!!
 It was a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend. Maggie was all smiles :).


midnight hysteria said...

love the towel ... where did you get the poem?

thanks ... darlene

Joseph and Katie said...

Stunning photos and beautiful colors. Love all the people in all the pics. Love you my friend. You are so talented!

Sarah Harward said...

So, I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for CTR symbols. I am wanting to sew the CTR symbol on a quilt for my son's 8th birthday, but am not sure how to go about doing it. How did you keep your letters from fraying? I'd love any tips you might have. Feel free to e-mail me @ sarahharward@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance!!

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