Thursday, January 26, 2012

Farming Again!

 Been away from this project for a while and been itching to get back! I know that I'm WAY behind the group, but luckily it's a very forgiving group.

 Tried a couple of pink and red blocks....

 Then I can't stay away from my roses too long. Is there anything better than red & aqua?
Maybe orange? It's never been my favorite color, but I am loving this block!
But lest you think this is all I've been up to this past month, all be sharing some of the projects I've been working on soon! In the meantime it feels good to be back on the farm.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Garden Quilt Tutorial

Today's the day! My Heart Garden Quilt is the featured tutorial on Moda Bake Shop today! When I first conceptualized this quilt I was going to do a tutorial and then the quilt took on new meaning.
I decided I would still put the tutorial together to share. I hope you can make it for someone special in your life. I love the concept that love will always grow and hearts are bound forever. 
If you make it, I would love to see it! Please share it in my Flickr group!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabric Remnant Sale!

 Not so long ago I was a Power Seller on Ebay. What did I sell? Well, fabric of course! I specialized in Children's Decorator fabric but also had a nice stash of quilting fabric. Mostly from Michael Miller, but a few others as well.

It seems like it's been a lifetime since then, actually just a lot of life has happened! But I still have a decent amount of fabric, and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to be done with it! So I wanted to let you know on Ebay right now I am having a huge de-stash SALE! Here is a link to my auctions: EllieBella Ebay Auctions . Everything is at a great Buy It Now price and a lot of it is discontinued fabric! Hope you find something you've been looking for (or something you weren't but had to have:)! I will be adding more daily, so keep checking back.
Oh and check back here on Monday, I've got one of my favorite quilts at Moda Bake Shop!

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012, Here We Go!

Happy 2012! I think it's already been a busy one. Getting Christmas put away, entertaining friends from out of the country, and a lot of projects for church. All good stuff and I think we're off to a great new year! I have a list of projects a mile long and can't wait to get going again. I'm anxious to start up with my Farmer's Wife blocks, have a new Moda Bake Shop tute in the works and at least 5 quilts I'm ready to role on.

Here is a collage of some of the projects I did for 2011. It was a fun year, with some special projects. It was also year of adjustments for us. A new home, new schools, new church congregation and jobs within. Now that we are a bit more settled I look forward to a bit more time to spend on fun projects. Here's to a productive 2012!
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