Thursday, September 27, 2012

FLiQS Swap

 I had so much fun participating in the FLiQS Swap! Though I have to say it was a tough finish with all the Sewing Summit goodies I'm trying to make. Luckily there was a deadline and I got it done! This is the quilt I made for my partner. She loves Denise Schmidt fabric and this is her new fabric line, Chicopee. It has kind of a retro 70's feel.
For the design I took inspiration from this mug I saw at Target:
 It's a variation of a chevron and kind of looks like a feather. I decided to use Essex Linen for the "white" space.

I debated a lot on the quilting. I thought about doing a "stitch in the ditch" and then hand quilting the linen shapes. But someone mentioned doing quilting with curves to offset the straight lines. I did not want to do a typical stipple, so I tried something new! Random swirls. It was pretty fun, I always enjoy machine quilting and love to try a new process.
For the tag I decided to go with the feather idea and make it an arrow. I made it fairly large because I thought it made for kind of a cool design element on the back.
Can't show my partner's name, don't want to give it away yet, but the other details are there. I hope she likes it!
I also received my quilt! This fun and beautiful treat was made by QuiltinKimmie. I love polka dots and bright colors, so this is perfect! I also love that she personalized it with an "E" for me. It really makes it more mine. :)
On the back to keep with the theme, she used this fun dot fabric. And for a "tag" she filled in the dots with the info, perfect!
 But not only did I get a fabulous quilt, I got all of these fun goodies! A sewing room pattern, pencils, mini nail file, owl hair clips, little glass animals and a tissue holder, WOW!! I got truly spoiled! My three daughters were calling dibs on everything, but I got to say they were mine! :) Okay, I might share a few things.

So I would call that a successful swap! I really enjoy making things for someone, and it's so awesome to get presents in the mail made just for you. Thanks Kim!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Smarty Girl Bag

 I've been counting down the weeks and getting busy for Sewing Summit! There has been a lot of action out there in preparation. Everybody is making pouches and bags and clothing and all things handmade! There is so much inspiration to be had. Visit the Travel Handmade Pinterest board, it's an amazing resource for travel projects!
  One popular item being made the Weekender Bag by Amy Butler. I've actually had this pattern for years, but have been avoiding it for various reasons. I really thought it was just too big a project to take on. 
So I decided to try another pattern I've had a while too! It's the Smarty Girl Book Bag by Heather Bailey. It thought it would make a fun purse to have while I was in SLC.
I found the main fabric and the geometric print at Hobby Lobby. The rest were from my stash. It actually came together pretty quickly and turned out so cute, I don't know why I didn't make it sooner! 
 I did make a couple of minor changes that weren't in the pattern. I edge stitched around the top of the bag,
 and I elongated the handle a bit so I could carry it like a messenger bag comfortably. I also sewed the handles in with the lining instead of stitching them on the outside like the pattern stated.
 The final thing I did was add pockets! I have to admit that I'm proud of myself. I've never made a zipper pocket before but I figured it out with an online tutorial. I also added a large pocket that can close with velcro. Just thought it would make the bag a little more organized and since it's deep I wouldn't go searching around for the small stuff at the bottom. :)
Have a pattern you've been meaning to try, go try it, you'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday WIPs!

 I thought I would share a few of the projects I'm working on in various stages. With Sewing Summit coming up, I have a bunch of things I'm cutting out to be ready for classes and swaps.
I joined the Zipper Pouch Swap and made my first zipper pouch!This is actually a finished project, but it was so fun that I making a few more! It was easy and fast and could really be addicting!
 I am also making a new bag to go along with the Travel Handmade series for Summit! I would love to make an Amy Butler Weekender, but I'm trying to be realistic with time pressures. Soooo I decided to make this cute little Heather Bailey bag! This is another pattern that I've had in my stash and so glad I can try it out. The main fabric on the left I saw at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it! There were a couple of coordinates and the rest are from my stash.
All I have left to do on my herringbone mini quilt is bind! I am making this one for the FLiQS swap. I went out of my comfort zone on this one. Different colors, style, and I tried out a new FMQ quilting technique. I'm still hoping I did the right thing there.
 I have recently basted this quilt that' ready for quilting! It's going to be a tutorial for Moda Bake Shop and I really should be getting it done! But to be honest we have been having some record high temperatures her in SoCal and it's been too hot! My sewing "room" is a little walk in closet in my room upstairs and it gets so stuffy in there! Then to have this big quilt on me, I keep sweating to death trying to get it done. So it's on the back burner until things stop burning!
My last little WIPs I just love. I am going to attempt to make the Hexy MF quilt from the Fat Quarterly Blog. I've been loving hexies lately and when I saw the quilt pattern, it just called my name! I decided it would be fun the add little embroidered designs to the center of each one of the hexy "flowers". TONS of work here folks. But what's fun is this project is entirely hand stitched so it's portable! I can take it with me and while I'm waiting for kids to get out of school or when I'm sitting in a ballet class, I can make some progress.
So that's my short list, I do have a ton of other projects (Farmer's Wife, hello?) but this will do for now. :) I just love how they are in all different stages so I have something to work on no matter what I'm in the mood to do.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm linking up to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Primary Teacher "Berry" Thank You FREE Printable!

As you may know from past posts here and here, I like to give little thank you treats to the teachers that teach our children in our church congregation. Who doesn't like to be thanked, right? This month we were "Berry" grateful for our teachers! You can download this FREE printable too!
For the PDF that states ~The Primary Presidency click HERE.
For a blank "from" PDF click HERE.

Because we have 24 teachers, I was trying to find a treat that would be gentle on the budget. These cute little strawberries candies totally fit the bill (or lack of:)! They were a whopping $.98 for a bag of 40 at Wal-Mart. Cheap and easy, score!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Moda's Love It, Pin It, Win It Contest!

Moda Bake Shop is hosting a really fun contest right now called Love It, Pin It, Win It!

 All you have to do is browse through all of the wonderful FREE Moda Bake Shop projects and "Pin" your favorites to Pinterest! If you want, you could even pin MY projects like this Halloween banner:

Four random winners will be chosen from the tagged photos. The grand prize is a set of the ingredients to make your favorite recipe! Sound like fun? Click HERE to view all the details! 

If you'd like to see the projects I pinned, click HERE.

Or you can follow all of my Pinterest boards here:   Follow Me on Pinterest

Happy Pinning, and good luck!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Ice Cream Dress for Charlotte

 I have had the Ice Cream dress by Oliver + S on my do to list for a long time. I FINALLY finished it! I had to make it before Charlotte grew out of it! She looks so cute in it and actually asks to wear it.
 I used Moda's Secret Garden fabric from Sandi Henderson. I kinda wish I had used the purple fabric on the top and bottom, but I still like it. :)


I decided I needed to add a little embellishment, a flower of course! Again, I wanted to use more of the purple fabric. I used layered petals and finished with a covered button.
It was a pretty easy pattern except for attaching the top half to the middle. A little tricky with the button hole slit in the back. I may or may not attempt to make it again. But it looks so darn cute and the fabric possibilities are endless!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Beginnings

Yesterday was the first day of school. The beginning of a new school year!  I love this time of year, but it's also very emotional for me. It means my kids are getting older. It also means I'm getting older! The new school year always coincides with my birthday. It's a lot to deal with in a couple of days. There may or may not have been a few tears shed this week. ;)

Sam is a Sophmore this year! I still can't believe I have a child in High School and I'm starting to feel how close I am to "losing" him. Man, this is only going to get harder! But so proud of him and his hard work. I love my little geek. :)
 My beautiful Sophie is in 7th grade. I am so grateful that she is in a charter school and I don't have to throw her to the wolves in middle school. She is still so innocent and will always be my nature girl.
  Little Miss Maggie is in 4th grade. And we are so excited that a few days before school started, she got into the charter school too! Because of a crazy few years of moving for us, she has been in a new school every year of her life! But now she will be at this school for 5 years straight (as long as we stay in place!). She is pretty resilient though and excited to be in the school. 

Our little Charlotte will start a two day a week preschool this year. She has a best friend in her class with her and can't wait to go to school like the big kids.

I am not really ready for summer to be over. Getting back to schedules and all the crazy driving, but it will also be nice to get organized and cleaned up and maybe have some time to sew!

My birthday was a new beginning this year too. It was the big 4 - 0! I went back and forth with idea of it. I suppose I'm not exactly where I thought I would be and I'm certainly not 40 and "fabulous". But I feel so blessed! I have a wonderful hubby, 4 fantastic children, my relative health, and the blessings of the gospel. I really couldn't ask for more. I think these days 40 just isn't as a big of a deal as it used to be. I have a lot more living to do! I feel like the thirties were building and growing a family and striving to be more. Now I feel like I can just enjoy my life and where we are and just be ME. So though I don't like the sound of being "in my forties", I think it will be a comfortable place to be. 

Here's to new beginnings!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Celebrating the Girl

My Maggie Rose is 9 today! She is my third-born right in the middle of two other girls. So she is the middle child, but she does not let herself go unnoticed! She is full of life and personality and definitely keeps things lively!
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