Sunday, September 2, 2012

Celebrating the Girl

My Maggie Rose is 9 today! She is my third-born right in the middle of two other girls. So she is the middle child, but she does not let herself go unnoticed! She is full of life and personality and definitely keeps things lively!

Besides her dimples my favorite thing about Maggie is her willingness to serve. She loves to help! Whether it's keeping her little sister busy, happy, or fed or taking out the garbage, I know that I can always count on her. She loves to help with dinner, keep her room clean and organized and will even do her siblings choirs without being asked.
We celebrated her this week by heading up to Solvang, a little Danish town a few hours away.The hubs side of the family has lots of Danish roots, so Maggie has been really excited to be there.
Solvang is the home of yummy bakeries,
 Ebleskivers (delicious!),
 and the cutest little shops like this one!

 Knit Fit is an amazingly cute store with crafts, fabric, and a colorful collection of yarn and felt! I don't have a picture of the fabric (I know, right?) but it was awesome. They have the latest books and lots of wonderful notions.
Then they have a whole other room with kids crafts! They have classes and workshops and all kinds of fun activities for kids. The girls and I could have been there all day.
We had a wonderful trip and we had a nice birthday today for my girl.
Love you Miss Maggie, so glad you're mine!!

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