Monday, September 24, 2012

Smarty Girl Bag

 I've been counting down the weeks and getting busy for Sewing Summit! There has been a lot of action out there in preparation. Everybody is making pouches and bags and clothing and all things handmade! There is so much inspiration to be had. Visit the Travel Handmade Pinterest board, it's an amazing resource for travel projects!
  One popular item being made the Weekender Bag by Amy Butler. I've actually had this pattern for years, but have been avoiding it for various reasons. I really thought it was just too big a project to take on. 
So I decided to try another pattern I've had a while too! It's the Smarty Girl Book Bag by Heather Bailey. It thought it would make a fun purse to have while I was in SLC.
I found the main fabric and the geometric print at Hobby Lobby. The rest were from my stash. It actually came together pretty quickly and turned out so cute, I don't know why I didn't make it sooner! 
 I did make a couple of minor changes that weren't in the pattern. I edge stitched around the top of the bag,
 and I elongated the handle a bit so I could carry it like a messenger bag comfortably. I also sewed the handles in with the lining instead of stitching them on the outside like the pattern stated.
 The final thing I did was add pockets! I have to admit that I'm proud of myself. I've never made a zipper pocket before but I figured it out with an online tutorial. I also added a large pocket that can close with velcro. Just thought it would make the bag a little more organized and since it's deep I wouldn't go searching around for the small stuff at the bottom. :)
Have a pattern you've been meaning to try, go try it, you'll be glad you did!

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midnight hysteria said...

i was looking at your bags and with this one, you totally inspired me to buy the pattern ... and i'm *really* going to sew it .... your bag is great ... have fun in slc ....


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