Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Primary Teacher "Nuts" Thank You FREE Printable!

Like I've said before, I serve in my church in the Primary where we teach children up to 12 yrs. Each age group has a teacher and those teachers work hard! We decided that once a month we would give them a thank you with a little treat attached. I thought I might share what I've done. Maybe you need some simple little thank you ideas.
This month I steered away from chocolate and went nuts! I found these cute little packs of almonds at WalMart for only $2.48 for 7 packs. Perfect! Then I made a little tag, punched a hole and tied a bow. If you'd like a FREE printable of the nut tag, I made one for you! 
Click HERE for a PDF that says, With Love, The Primary Presidency
Click HERE for a PDF that says, With Love, and then is blank
It's so simple, but it's so fun to see the smiling faces on the teachers when we hand them out. Everyone likes to feel appreciated! Thank you teachers!


Lorraine said...

Thank you for posting these wonderful teacher appreciation ideas! Just what our Primary needs. Do you have a copy of the little picture under LDS Teacher Handouts "They may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." You can send it to lorraine.morrow@comcast.net
Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your talents....I work in YW but this idea will work for me there too. Thanks
Happy Day

Masons said...

Can you pretty please send me the Nuts About You printable? Love it! tarajoy22@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I love these teacher appreication tags. I tried to open the popcorn one to download but it didn't work. Would you mind emailing it to me? And the nuts one. sitkatambi@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your talents. I would love a copy of the "nuts" printable for our Primary teachers.
Thank you


Emily and Ryan said...

I tried to click on the link for the nut thank you, but it didn't work. Can you please email to mle.hodges27@gmail.com. Thank you!

Unknown said...

These cute little packs of almonds with simple thank you ideas for teachers are very innovative and nice & giving them a thank you with a little treat attached.
March 2019 Calendar Printable

Unknown said...

These are darling! Tried to access link for tags, and it says "denied access." Could you help with this?
Thanks so Much!

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