Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Surprise

I have the best MIL! Look at the package of goodies she sent us today! She never fails to send a box full of fun for just about every holiday. The kids so look forward to it and makes them feel so loved. And she does it for all 14 of her grand kids! I hope I will be half the grandma she is someday. I couldn't even begin to tell you all the wonderful things she does. Let's just say we are very lucky to have her. Thanks Momma!

In other surprises, I have a couple of fun Valentine tutorials coming up, here's a sneak peek, keep checking back! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

I'm so glad I joined Amy's One Thing One Week Challenge! I finished my Fandango Posies quilt top! It's made from Izzy & Ivy's Poppin' Posies pattern and Kate Spain's fabulous Fandango fabric. I added the strip and patchwork borders just to make it a bit bigger. Yay!

I was also able to finish (finally) the actual quilting on my Crooked Coins quilt. Also made from Kate Spain fabric (I should really own stock). Now it's onto the binding!
Thanks Amy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moda Bake Shop Progressive Dinner

I just love the Moda Bake Shop! And I love that I have been able to contribute a couple of tutorials to their site. If you haven't heard they are hosting a Progressive Dinner this week!

They have a new book called Fresh Fabric Treats and each of the contributors are having incredible giveaways on their blogs! Don't miss out on a great chance to win copies of the book and fabric!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking the Challenge

I'm so glad Amy's Creative Side is doing the One Thing One Week Challenge. I needed it! My goal this week: finish my Fandango Posies quilt top. I finished it to pattern specifications but decided I wanted it to be a little bit bigger. So I've been grabbing my scraps and trying to figure out what I can do. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Picky Pants

Today my little 2 year-old, Charlotte decided to be really choosy about what she wanted to wear. As I showed her an outfit she would come back with "No, I don't want that!". After three tries I said, "Alright Miss Picky Pants, what do you want to wear"? Her reply? "Picky pants! I want picky pants!" Little rascal...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine Heart Sachet

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I thought I would remind you of my Lavender Heart Sachet tutorial! I do these every year for teacher gifts, friends and family. They come together quickly, are fun to make, and girls really love 'em! 
If you make one, share it with me! I'd love to see your creativity. I was just thinking they would look so cute made with felt! I've got to get on that....bye!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sewing Summit

I am sew (sorry, I couldn't resist) excited about the Sewing Summit! It's a sewer/blogger conference that will be in October of this year. I can't wait to connect with other crazy people that are as fabric obsessed, sewing inclined, and blogging about their adventures!
Amy over at Amy's Creative Side and Erin from Quilting Bee Blocks are the duo behind the action and here's what they have to say about it: We are a sewing and blogging conference for the modern sewist who wants to connect with others in a fun and inspiring setting. We are planning classes, panels, speakers, vendor demonstrations, networking events and more.
The Sewing Summit
Sounds great, right? Better still it's in Salt Lake City, UT so I can connect with family along the way. And it's at the Little America Hotel where my wonderful in-laws put us up after Thanksgiving. It's a lovely hotel and the perfect venue.

I'm saving my pennies now and can't wait to hear more about the classes and speakers. Anybody else gonna go? Need a roomie? :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crafty To Do's

Making lists makes me happy. I have at least one a day. There is nothing better than crossing items off a list! Done! Finito! I like to make Crafty To Do lists too, though they might takes weeks not days to fulfill. So in no particular order, here is my list as of well, now:
1. Actually the number one thing is in order. It needs to go first. Get organized! Isn't that what this time of year is all about? I just love all the organizing sales going on and cool plastic containers that can be found.
I have a teeny tiny area in our new little place that's my sewing/crafting spot. And it desperately needs to be organized. I have just about everything I need, I just need to actually organize everything. And I'd like to "cute it up". I got those cute buttons for a steal with the idea that I would paint them some pretty colors. So here is a before picture:

2. Finish quilting my Crooked Coins quilt. This quilt has sadly been on the back burner for like months! But it's the perfect springtime quilt. So maybe I'll have it done by spring.
3. Finish putting together my Fandango Posies quilt. I was hoping to make this for a friend for Christmas, but yeah, that didn't happen. I can't wait to see this done though. How I love Fandango.
4. New Moda Bake Shop tutorials! I have two in the works, both quilts. This is where the no particular order comes in. These will probably supersede the other two quilts. Oh well. Gotta have priorites.

5. Fun Valentine shirts for my girls. Kind of a tradition every year and they look forward to it. Doesn't have to be a big deal. Usually just a heart or two appliqued on but I now have 3 girls, so it's a project!
6. Valentines for the girls. I usually like to do something different and fun. The girls and I will have to put our thinking caps on together and figure it out. It will be fun. Here's what I did last year.
Well, that should take me through the middle of February at least. Of course there are always fun little projects that divert me, but for now, this is it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Stuff

I finally put Christmas away yesterday which always makes me sad and relieved. The kids came home and said, "The house looks empty!" I have to agree, but it also feels nice. Though I am SO in the mood to re-decorate! Actually what I want to do might just take a pillow or two, nothing major. I need to get on that.

In the meantime I worked on a few little projects in the past few weeks but I have taken few pictures of them! I made this nursing cover-up and a car seat cover for my wonderful Sis-in-Law. I also re-covered a couple of chairs for my brother's dining room set (found a picture!).
And I made a dolly blanket and pillow for my daughter's American Girl doll. Whew! I promise more pictures.

I think I'm finally coming down from the rush of the season. I ready to relax a bit, but things seem to be busier as school (and homework!) have started up again.

I did want to share this beautiful quilt made from my Meandering Path Quilt Tutorial at Moda Bake Shop. It was made by Stephanie from Dream Create Inspire. It's so fun to see another quilt made from my pattern. I just love the colors and placement. She did an awesome job don'tcha think?
I have a new MBS project in the works that I'm excited about. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I love new! And there is nothing like a new year. It holds so much promise and resolution. The past couple of years have been tougher than expected for our family which gives even more reason to hope and look forward. I am also anxious to start and/or complete many projects that I hope to share.  I'm excited to see what this new year will bring in all aspects of my life. Here's to a great 2011!!
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