Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Primary Teacher "Berry" Thank You FREE Printable!

 As you may know from past posts here and here, I like to give little thank you treats to the teachers that teach our children in our church congregation. Who doesn't like to be thanked, right? This month we were "Berry" grateful for our teachers! You can find this FREE printable HERE!
Because we have 24 teachers, I was trying to find a treat that would be gentle on the budget. These cute little strawberries candies totally fit the bill (or lack of:)! They were a whopping $.98 for a bag of 40 at Wal-Mart. Cheap and easy, score!

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Julie Johansen said...

Would you mind sending me a sample of this that I can edit? I wuld love to make it for my teachers to give to the new students that are going to come into their class. I was hoping to say We are "Berry" excited to have you in our class this year. Love,
(then have the teachrs sign it)

If not I understand
Thanks Julie

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