Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to School

 Wow, the last couple of weeks have really kicked my booty! Adjusting to all the new schedules and carpools has been a trick. And I'm still at work making our new house a home. Today I thought I would finally post some first day pictures.
I can't believe I have a High School freshman! I think I have been way more freaked out than Sam has. He says, "It's just school mom". No it's a lot more than that. Someday he'll look back and know that. Hmmm, just takes me back to "the days" that don't seem so long ago! Sometimes I wish I could go back, but that probably would freak him out ;).

Miss Sophie had her first day at a new charter school that opened in our district this year. The students were chosen by lottery and we had been on a waiting list. We found our a week before school started that she got in and we're really excited. It's called Oxford Preparatory Academy. Besides the wonderful education she will receive, I love that they wear uniforms! I always wanted to wear uniforms in school. Each class has a University "mascot" and her class is Harvard. It's fun to say that my daughter got into Harvard! She is loving it so far.

And little Miss Mags also started at a new school. She's in the 3rd grade this year. She was nervous and tired (she just couldn't get to sleep the night before!) and it shows in her smile. The school is just down the street so we can walk everyday. It's a great little school and friends are being made.
Charlotte also started in a little Joy School that I'm doing with some friends. She is super excited and it's only one day a week, so I think it will be perfect for her. Basically a structured play group.

I think maybe all these new schools and adjustments are harder on me than on the kids! But I'll adjust too, right? Here we go!

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