Monday, October 22, 2012

Sewing Summit Adventure

So I decided to leave my family for four days, hop on a plane, stay in a fancy hotel, eat good food and sew with all new sewing friends! Sound like a dream?? It almost was. But I did it, and it was a wonderful whirlwind. I'll take you through some of my experiences with shopping, eating, learning, and of course, sewing!

Thursday Registration
1. Waiting in the registration line for my class schedule and badge.
2. Swag bag from Mood given at registration full of all kinds of goodies!
3. My badge, it's official! I still can't believe I'm here. So excited.
4. My Moo cards. gave everyone 100 free cards. It was so fun to swap cards with everybody.
The Shop Hop1. The Shop Hop bus! What could be better than a day of fabric shopping with fellow sewers?
2. First stop, Yellow Bird Fabrics. Great shop with inspiring apparel fabrics.
3. Pine Needles Quilt shop at Gardner's Village. Wish I'd had more time to enjoy all of the other shops too!
4. Pine Needles gave everybody on the bus fabric and a pattern to make a darling pumpkin pin cushion. Hidden in a few bag was a $10.00 gift certificate, and I got one! :)
5. Scene from the check out counter, it was a long wait.
6. Check out the fabric cutting line. I might have been the last one on the bus. I really didn't want to leave the store. ;)
7. Material Girls quilts in South Jordon. Love this store!
8. My view from the check out line. These girls really know how to shop.
9. My haul! I got some cute stuff from both shops, can you tell I love bright colors?

That evening was the Craftsy mixer. A chance to mingle and meet fellow sewists!
From left to right, Ella, Mary, Cindy, Amanda and me. I did meet some really nice people, but I have to admit I lean towards the shy side socially, so I really didn't get to meet as many people as I would have liked. I also don't want to come off as "fanzy" to some of the more well known bloggers. But it is sure fun to see people in real life that you've gotten to "know" online.
 The Classes, my favorite part! I love learning new concepts or new tips on things I do know how to do.
1. The Baby Lock sewing machines we used in the sewing rooms. My paper pieced strips from Elizabeth's class.
2. My schedule. I seriously had some incredible classes and learned a lot.
3. The metal frame purse I made from Kelly's class. Squeal!
4. The inside, I bought extra frames. Can't wait to make more of these.
5. I learned how to sew y-seams, partial seams, hexagons and diamonds from Faith & Kati.
6. Lee teaching paper piecing. Had a front row seat for this one! Loved it.
7. The star I made in the class
, whoop!
8. My buds, Amanda and Amy and their stars, awesome!
9. Took a fantastic pockets class from Deborah. She was so fun and I loved learning more about pockets. Took the fear out of making them. Here is my slit pocket and slit pocket with a welt.
10. Learned about zippers from Sara. Can't wait to use those more.
11. Took a lounge pants class from Jana. Knew I could already make the pants, but wanted to meet Jana. She was such a hoot and gave us each a mustache and Sprinkles labels, so cool!
12. Friday night I crashed the embroidery break out class with Rachel. I learned some great tips and made this little guy.

  Grub. Another great thing about being away, I didn't have to fix any meals!
1. In the beautiful ball room at Little America. We had two lunches and one dinner there. That is the amazing Erin Singleton talking with us and giving out more swag.
2. Another great part about the lunches is seeing and meeting more people.
3. More peeps on the other side of the room.
4. Amy, Amanda and I ate at the Himalayan Kitchen on Thursday. Delicious Indian food.
5. Also tried Blue Lemon in City Creek Center, really fresh and oh so good.
6. Our keynote speaker on Friday was Joel Dewberry. Love him! He was so kind and just such an awesome guy. Not to mentioned incredibly talented. Already one of my favorites, getting to hear him in person made me like him even more.
7. Not food, but just as delicious! Joel's new line, Notting Hill. Can't wait to get some of that!
8. One Sweet Slice, AMAZING cupcakes.
What a weekend! It has certainly taken me a while just to wrap my head around it. Being with like minded people was amazing. Learning new sewing skills taught by incredible teachers so uplifting. Eating great food and getting awesome swag, so fun! But most of all meeting lovely friends, like Amanda and Michelle. So grateful to have met such beautiful people! And I can't wait for next year!
Speaking of swag, we seriously got so much stuff that I didn't think I would be able to fit it all in my bags! My suitcase weighed in at 53 lbs., but luckily the nice skycap let it slide. This is my Weekender stuffed to the gills. Waiting in the security line and carrying this beast was torture! But seriously SO worth it! Thank you Erin and the Sewing Summit staff for the time of my life!


capitolaquilter said...

Ellie - It was so nice to meet you. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whirlwind myself :)

Debbie said...

Very fun post - I can just feel your excitement! It was so nice to meet you at the airport!

Laura said...

Ah that's you! So many people i didnt get to spend enough time with!

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