Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bee Blocks

 The holidays are upon us! It's amazing how fast they arrive. I wish I could just freeze time and make all my preparations first and then let it roll! But alas, here we go! So first things first I had some sewing bee items I needed to cross off my list. The top blocks are for my Faith Group of do. Good Stitches. It's been so fun to be a part of that group this year. And the founder, Rachel at Stitched in Color is having a fun celebration giveaway for group members to round off the year. Is it bad to say I hope I win? ;) The instructions for the Gemstone Block above can be found on Rachel's blog.
My second set of blocks is for the 4 x 5 Modern Block Bee. I decided to use the Broken Herringbone block pattern found at Play Crafts blog. I just loved the way it looked and it was a technique I hadn't used too much before- I'll call it Stitch and Slash! There is some waste involved, but I'm thinking totally worth it. I hope the ladies in the group like how they turned out. In this group, they pick the colors, you pick the pattern. I totally forgot to make one for myself! I'm using the same colors I chose last time, Aqua, Navy, Red and Yellow. I hoping to have enough blocks to make a whole quilt someday.

So two chores down, now I have to do some planning and figure out what I'll be making this season. But I'm hosting Thanksgiving next week and I'm filled with turkey terror! I've not been in charge of that for many years. Wish me luck!



Debbie said...

Beautiful blocks! I' working on my bee blocks this week too!

Richard Wesley said...

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Connie said...

I am so happy to have found your blog, and do hope that you haven't quit posting. I love your tutorials, they are so easy to follow :) I am out looking for a few new quilting friends to share and bounce ideas around, with. I am a retired activity directory of an assisted living home, a wife, mother and grandma who is enjoying the extra time of retirement and filling it with fun sewing and crafting projects. I love quilting, but I am very new to it. Please come visit my blog. I would love to have you follow me back and even get in on my latest Give-A-Way of 2 mug rugs and a dish towel.
Keep smiling . . . hope to hear from you.
Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

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