Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Rodon

When my brother Matt was in 2nd grade he wrote a book called "The Robot That Was Built on Earth". It's about a robot named Rodon. We all love Rodon and he is definitely part of our family lore. (if you'd like to see the actual book, it's on YouTube, here is the link: :)

 Matt's Rodon

Since Matt and his wonderful wife, Jenny are about to have their first together, a baby boy, I thought it would bring Rodon somewhat to life! I appliqued him on a t-shirt for their little guy. I cut him out of fabric, used Steam-a-Seam and then free hand appliqued around all the edges a couple of times. I wanted him to have a "hand drawn" look. I love the way it turned out and Matt says he wants one for himself. I think I can do that. :)

1 comment:

Joseph and Katie said...

I love that you made Matt's story hero come to life. This could become a children's icon you know. I watched the story on Youtube. Too Funny! Very clever and thoughtful gift Ellie.

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