Friday, November 5, 2010

The Perfect Pairing

I have had Izzy & Ivy's darling Popp'n Posies quilt pattern and been waiting for the right fabric to make it with. Can you say Fandango? They are the perfect match! Cannot wait to see the finished product. Thank you Kate Spain!

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Joseph and Katie said...

Jennesee asked me the other day what we are going to do about her baptism quilt because "Our friend Ellie moved away!" :) I asked her if she wanted Ellie to do her quilt and she jumped up and down shouting "Yes! Please!"
I asked Jennesee what colors she would do, and she said, "Turquoise, pinky-peach or pink -red, brown dots like Heidi, mint green.....". I think this fabric line looks like the colors she said.
I am excited to see what you do.
BTW, Jennesee doesn't turn 8 until March,next year (2012). You can relax now! He. He.

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