Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Wrap Up

 I have to say we had a fun Valentine's Day! The best part was that my wonderful husband got home earlier than he thought he would and he was able to join us for dinner-yay! See Sophie's smiling face? That says it all.
Here's what our Valentine's table looked like. Nothing fancy, just fun. Chocolate hearts for confetti and everyone got a book this year thanks to an awesome B&N Groupon I got. We had pink heart-shaped waffles, hash browns, bacon, eggs and sausage, whooo eeee! Which way to the gym? The best part was doing the Valentine Mad Libs.
This was Maggie's valentine. She loves the cherry jelly hearts. We put them in a cute polka-dot bag and then I made a printable with her picture on it. (Maggie likes to be in the spotlight:)
Here's my little rascal with her valentine before she left for school. Some of the bags had valentine candy corn, yum.
Though the Silly Banz craze has died down (thankfully) Sophie still loves them and wanted to give those out this year. I wanted to put them in boxes or bags and cute them up with a tag like Maggie's, but Sophie just wanted it really simple and no way did she want her picture on it. So I made a little tag and we tied it together with some baker's twine. Simple enough.
Here's my Soph with her valentine right before school. The shirt I made at approximately midnight the night before along with this one for my littlest squirt, Charlotte. I did not include her face because it was covered with the chocolates that she kept swiping from the table decorations that would eventually get all over the shirt too :). Little goober.

 Whew! One more holiday down, what's next, St. Patty's? Time to think green...


Sew Pretty Dresses said...

All so cute! You really inspire me for fun years ahead with my daughter! This year was just about writing names on her Valentine's which was a big deal since she is in preschool. I am looking forward to more fun like this ahead!

Shari said...

What a cute idea with the Silly Bandz. That fad has come and gone here though too.

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