Friday, June 24, 2011

School's Out for Summer!

 Yesterday was the last day of school, finally! We get out later than the rest of the planet and here we are in SoCal with the sun just taunting us! It was a great year with wonderful teachers. This is my Maggie with her teacher, Mrs. Hoffmann.
Maggie also had a great group of silly friends.

Sophie had her 5th grade "graduation". They had a Hawaiian theme. This is her fabulous teacher, Mrs. Kissel.The ceremony was so emotional! They had the kids sing "Because You Loved Me" to the parents, boo hoo!
 Sophie also made some cute friends this year. We're so grateful for that. I can't believe she'll be in Middle School!
 Speaking of Middle School, my oldest, Sam graduated from the 8th grade! This is a picture of him with some of his friends at the big 8th grade dance. I just love all his geeky friends.
Sam also got an award from the principal (yes, he is that much taller than the principal. At 13 he's 6' tall!) for getting a 3.5 or higher all three years! Go Sam!
Sam's summer started right away. This morning he left at 4 A.M. to go to Scout Camp at Zion's National Park in Utah. Thanks to all the great leaders!

I'm so proud of my munchkins. The years are seriously flying by too fast though. I will have a High School-er, a Middle School-er, a 3rd grader and a toddler. Should be a crazy year. I think for now we'll just focus on SUMMER! Yay!

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CARMEN S. said...

Hi Ellie, your children are beautiful, the kids grow so fast and soon left home, so we have to enjoy the time with him. You also have a beautiful blog. Congratulations.

Hugs of Colombia, my country.

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