Thursday, August 18, 2011

Packing & Stitching

The packing for the move has begun, yuck. Actually I don't mind the packing, I just don't like having a house full of boxes. And that half-in, half-out feeling. It will be nice when we can start moving things over (Wednesday, yay!).  It's been great though because my oldest daughter, Sophie is so excited to move she is packing like crazy. It's so nice to have the help! We've been getting a lot done, so last night I didn't feel too guilty about making a couple of new blocks.
I'm actually dedicating this week's blocks to my daughters Sophie and Maggie. Sophie's favorite color is green, Maggie's is yellow, simple as that. And they look so pretty together, so lemon-limony and fresh. Now I just wish I could get my daughter's to get along as well as blocks do! :)

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