Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Pillow Talk { Swap }

Yes, I did it again, I joined another swap! Do I have time for a swap? No. Do I have a million other projects to do? Yes. Do I have any spare time? No. Am I making happen? YES! Because it's just so fun! My new swap is The Pillow Talk {Swap}
   There are some amazing little pillows these gals have created. And I'm working on a minor change of decor in the family room (begrudgingly getting rid of pink!). So I see it as I'm letting someone else make me a new pillow for free! If I had to do it myself, it would get shoved to the bottom of the list (like the curtains, quilts for my girls, etc.). 
Yes, I have to make a pillow for someone else, but that's always more fun anyway, right? Plus I have a definitive timeline, I HAVE to get it done. And I just work better with a deadline!
So you might be asking why I have all of these pictures of Flea Market Fancy? I finally had to cave and buy some. I'm probably the last quilter to do so. I missed it the first time around and knew I couldn't miss the reprint. I feel like a real quilter now;). I got a Jelly Roll. It's scrumptious!
I'm using this fabric on the pillow I'm making for my partner. Here's a sneaky peaky! I'm going to start quilting it today (hopefully!) It's for a certain special room in her house, can you guess which one?

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Barbara Konkle said...

I love how you used the fabric! That line is my favorite! I just cannot get enough of it!

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