Monday, August 20, 2012


 Okay so last year I followed the news about Sewing Summit like a hawk and knew that I had to go! Sewing, blogging, learning, Salt Lake City, fellow enthusiasts, new friends, fabric, FUN! But alas the schedule and funds didn't work out and I missed it. What a bummer! All the pictures and wrap-ups of the event were amazing. I vowed that would NOT happen again and I needed to go in 2012!
Original Sewing Summit founders Amy Ellis and Erin Singleton

 Well, the tickets for this year went on sale in April and sold out in one day!! WHAT? Huge bummer! I missed it! I put myself on the waiting list and hoped and dreamed. And kept getting more bummed as October approaches. 
Photo by Cluck Cluck Sew
 Well, last week I decided to contact Erin and ask her if there was any hope with the wait list. Basically the answer was no, but she did say that there had been some movement of tickets for people that had purchased tickets but couldn't go anymore. What? Where? She led me to the Sewing Summit flickr page and Facebook page and I stalked and asked and waited. I got a lot of "sorry" responses.
And then, I recieved an email from someone saying the person who wanted her ticket couldn't go, would I like the ticket? Um....YES!! I was so excited I literally started to cry (don't judge me:). Of course it took some persuading/begging the DH, but he gave the ok and oh my gosh, I'm going!!! To say I'm excited is an understatement. I am totally over the moon about it!

I have to say I'm also a little nervous. I'm a first timer and I don't know anyone! I can be shy and I will need to find a roomate (basically a stranger, eeps!). But I know that these are my peeps and I'm sure it will all be cool. Can't wait to meet some great girls, sew, chat, shop, and hopefully have a ball.

If you were wanting to go, don't give up hope! I'm sure there are others who won't be able to attend, just keep watching the boards. It worked for me!

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