Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lizards for Sophie

My daughter Sophie loves nature. Her favorite color is green, she is not afraid of bugs, and loves to catch any creature she can. We live in the desert so catching lizards is one of her favorite things to do. She's really good at it! She can spot a lizard no one else would have even noticed.
Her obsession crossed over into her real life and she now loves to find lizards on clothing, notebooks, fabric, etc. She draws lizards and makes them out of beads.

For her birthday I made her this stuffed animal lizard. I got the pattern from (love that place!). I used Heather Bailey Bijoux fabric and added some bling to girl it up.

Recently she's been asking me for a lizard shirt. I found a lizard picture online, printed it out and made a pattern out of it. I used Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market fabric and Steam-a-Seam-ed it on a plain white shirt. Then I stitched around the edge and added a couple of buttton eyes. I had one happy girl.

(btw, no matter how I loaded this picture Blogger turned it sideways!)
While most girls are into princess and girly things, Sophie has always marched to her own beat and I'm glad she knows who she is and is not afraid to be herself. I just secretly hope she doesn't turn into the weird lizard lady. :)
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