Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back in Business

In my former life I was an Ebay Power Seller. I had my own fabric shop called EllieBella Decorator Fabrics. I sold mostly children's decorator fabric. It was quite successful and kept me very busy. So busy that I really didn't have time to make or design much and I really missed that part of  my life. husband got a job overseas, I got pregnant and the rest is history. Literally. I had to close up shop so that we could move and have a baby. The move ended up not happening, I had my baby (she is a year old now) and I miss having my little business!
So instead of having a fabric store (which I miss very much by the way. It's like having a huge fabric stash!) I am just going to take my time and list some items I create in my Etsy store. Keep it simple and have fun creating!
So here are my first few items. I'm thinking about bibs, burps, clothing, blankets, etc. Like in my other former baby business (that's a whole other story).  My Etsy shop is . Away we go!

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