Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Boy Gift

Just before we left for our Spring Break vacation, I made this little set for a friend who recently had a sweet little baby boy, Axel. It was so fun to make something for a boy! I have 3 girls and only one boy and I have 8 nieces and only 2 nephews. That's a lot of pink!
I have also been dying to use this Riley and Blake All Stars fabric. I love it! I also love the other colorways but this one is my fav. I wanted to keep it simple and just do a strip quilt but decided to try it diagonally. I backed it with brown minky and added a circle with his initial. I zig-zaged around the edge of the A and around the whole quilt.
I also made a couple of burpies and a bib to go along with it. They are backed in the brown minky and the edges zig-zaged. I added a snap to the bib later. I like the way they turned out. I hope they will enjoy them. Congratulations Rachel!

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Alex Ellis said...

Is there a tutorial on this? I am pregnant with my first boy and it is SO HARD to find stuff to make for boys. Everything is for girls. This is just too cute!

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