Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My First Quilt (in 15 years)

I realized I never posted pictures of the quilt that got me quilting again. After perusing blogs one day I found the Old Red Barn's Quilt-a-Long and knew that I wanted to join in. I had so much fun! And the community was wonderfully supportive. I haven't stopped thinking in quilt since.
I had made a couple of quilts 15 years ago, even a King size that I hand quilted! But I just wasn't overly inspired to stick with it. I just love today's modern fabrics and quilts, so inspiring!
This was my first time doing a hand-sewn binding and machine stipple quilting. The stippling was scary at first but now that is my favorite part! 
 Quilts have all of the elements I love about sewing/crafting. There is fabric (hello), design, putting it together, and making something that is useful and that lasts. And each one is different.
The fabric is Michael Miller's Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass.
I'm really proud of this quilt and really glad to be introduced to quilting again.


Kelli said...

Wow, what a gorgeous quilt!
I love the pieced back too. Lucky you don't live nearby, I am getting serious quilt envy over all your lovelies!!!

Wendy P said...

Amen. I feel the same way about making quilts! So many people don't get that! Like my Gramma, who asks "How many quilts can you really use?"


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