Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strawberry Jam and FREE Printable Labels!

Nothing says summer like making jam! It's a fun new hobby I finally learned last year and we have enjoyed yummy jam ever since. I found strawberries really cheap last week and made my first batch of jam of the year.
Don't these strawberries look delish? I had to sneak a couple...
After canning a double batch I wanted to make some cute labels to go on them. I have made the scallop labels in the past but wanted to try a couple of new ones too. 

I thought I would try square. I made one kind of country looking and one a bit more modern. I like them all so much that I couldn't choose just one! I printed them all out. I just think it makes the jars look even more inviting and there is no more guessing as to what kind of jam you have.
I am making my original circle scallop available as a FREE download! Just click here and you can download and print out your own Strawberry Jam labels. Yay! all you need is a 2" scallop or circle punch. I'm also including the lid topper that you punch out with a 1" circle punch. You can also cut them out with scissors. Enjoy!


Janet said...

I love your printable labels, thanks so much for sharing them!

Adriana Burnett said...

This was a loovely blog post

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