Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heidi's Quilt

This is Heidi's Quilt! This got me through the boring, repetitious task of packing :). I was commissioned by my childhood friend, Katie to make a quilt for her daughter, Heidi's 8th birthday. It's to go on a twin size bed. 
Katie let Heidi browse through other sites to see which pattern and colors she liked. After looking through Cluck Cluck Sew's blog she fell in love with this quilt. It's a disappearing nine patch. She wanted aquas and greens and especially loved the brown polka dots.
I used Whimsy by Pillow & Maxfield and threw in some Dumb Dot and Ta Dot by Michael Miller, Jennifer Paganelli's Pretty Please, and Flights of Fancy stripe by Paula Prass. The fabrics are a little mature but I think the polka dots, the swirly border and the ric rac border make it more fun and whimsical. 
Katie is having it quilted with a beautiful aqua minky on the back. Can't wait to see it done!


Mandy said...

This is really cute! I love the colors!

Joseph and Katie said...

I will send it back to you soon so we can give you more distractions! :) Heidi just loves, loves, loves the quilt and wants to put it on her bed now! I won't let her because I want it to stay nice for you to finish. You have done such an amazing job and I still can't believe you actually let me talk you into this while you were trying to pack and all! Hope all is well. Love ya!

Dianne Y said...

Very Beautiful quilt!! what size blocks did you cut for the nine patch?? the ric rac is a nice touch.

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