Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Second First Day of School

School started on August 11th in St. George and even though we were moving at the end of the month, the girls wanted to start. They wanted to see their friends and say goodbye. So this is the first day in St. George. They had a fun couple of weeks and were glad they did it.
Today was the first day here in California. Sophie wanted to wear her cute plaid shirt from Grandma again, but Maggie wanted to try something new. The bummer is, it rained! Not quite the way we wanted to start out, but it turned out OK. New school, new teachers, new friends! I think it will be a great year, they were excited.
 Sam started 8th grade today and was nervous about finding all of his classes so did not want to stop for a picture.
So that leaves me alone with this little squirt, she will miss her sibs but will keep me plenty busy.

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