Friday, March 4, 2011

Fifty-One Percent!

This makes me so happy.


I'm going to try and beat it next week.

Not bad for a week's worth of groceries for a family of six.

I'm still smiling.


Shari said...

You go girl! Although I have to confess, I've been thinking about abandoning the whole coupon-ing thing in an effort to try to simplify my life. Somethings got to give!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie!!! You are fantastic!!! Couponing twenty years ago was so much easier with their always being a grocery store that would double up to a dollar, we even had one that would triple. I can remember trips where I was actually paid a couple of dollars to shop and each week I was being paid a nickel to a dime to buy shampoo and soap. It just seems so much harder now or I have less energy and am less organized, that is probably the answer ;~]

I noticed this post was a little over two years ago, are you still saving that kind of money and couponing like you were?

I am planning on trying to find a way to organize my coupons and find a way to save money then blog on it later at my site It is a brand new site all about repurposing, redo's, and making things yourself instead of buying them to making our homes what we want them to be for free or almost. The site is starting to come together, I didn't realize how hard y'all worked to pass on information to us, Thank you for all of your hard work!!! What I was really wanting to ask (fingers crossed) is if you would consider doing a guest blog on my site to give BeYoUnique some help and hints. This would also and push me (put a fire under my hiney) to meet my self imposed challenge with couponing.
I look forward (on pins and needles) to hearing back from you!!!

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