Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Excuses for not getting more sewing done (can anyone say 3 WIP quilts that need attention?):

Pocahontas! Okay so not her so much as two different biography reports of her. Yes, both of my girls picked her. Probably because she is their 14th Great Grandmother on their dad's side. Truly, how cool is that? But getting those done and that poster was a bit of work for all involved.

 The school's Jog-A-Thon. I helped organize the shirts and of course had to see my girls run their hineys off!
Sophie turned 11! We took her out to lunch and then for a little birthday shopping. Nothing like a new outfit. Later we headed to Downtown Disney and the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate. And can you believe it? I left my camera at home. I almost could not get over it! But it was a fun night.
Can't believe my precious girl starts Middle School next year. Ei, yie, yie!
 Charlotte and Sophie 2 & 11 but so much alike in so many ways.

The weather here has been amazing, how could we not hit the beach? After chores were done Saturday we headed to Laguna Beach. It was glorious! We thought we would just take a little stroll, but we stayed for a couple of hours.
Charlotte had not been for months and she just loved it! The water did not scare her at all which of course scared us.

So those are some of my excuses. The kids also had their first swim meet last Saturday. And yes I forgot to bring my camera to that too. What's up with that?
Some excuses would be my busy church assignment, laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving, driving, driving, and just utter exhaustion. 
So excuse me! More fun coming soon. Promise.

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Shari said...

Maybe I've told you this before, but my oldest is also 11 and starting middle school this fall (aaaaghhh!), and my youngest is 2. With the 7 year old in between, we'll have kids in high school, middle school, and elementary all at the same time. I don't think I'll know whether I'm coming or going!

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