Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break

 The kids had their Spring Break last week. Needless to say I did not get much done. :) We decided not to take any big trips, but we still had some fun. We headed down to San Diego for an overnight and the zoo!
We hadn't been to the zoo for about 5 years so my monkeys were pretty excited. It's the first time Charlotte, my two year old had ever seen most of these animals. Flamingos!
View of Balboa Park from the sky tram. The kids loved riding it. I think we took it like 6 times. It was a cold day, but everyone was bundled. And with all the walking we did, I'm glad it was not any warmer!
The Elephant Odyssey was new since we had been there before and really cool.
Lots of room for the amazing elephants to roam.
The kids loved all of the animal statues around the park. Life size elephants...

An extinct bird, or Charlotte's own Buckbeak...
And Sam almost as tall as the sloth (Sloth, not life size, Sam a life size 6ft. 13 year old).
Pretty cool to be able to get this close to a Leopard.
We had such a great day, I just love my wild animals kids. 

So it's back into the groove again. Let's just say none of us had an easy time getting up this morning....

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