Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, we're still adjusting. It takes me a while to adjust back to life after a vacation. A friend just said it's like that scene in "Somewhere in Time" when he sees the penny from 1976 and he sucked back to that time. You're just not ready! Why can't the whole summer just be a vacation?
But I can't complain. We live in SoCal where everyone loves to come on vacation. And we spent this weekend at the beach. My parents were visiting and we had us a picnic on Salt Creek Beach.
And the hubs swam the Newport Beach Pier to Pier swim, so we spent the day on Newport Beach after he was through. It was a great weekend, can't you tell by all the smiling kiddies?
 I mean seriously, is there anything better than that?
Look at the smile on this teenager? I could adjust to that. :)


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Shari said...

Off topic - love the quilt!

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