Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Breakin'

Two out of four of my kids have been on Spring Break this week. Because we still had one in school we couldn't take any big trips. But hey, we live in Southern California! On Monday we headed to the San Diego Zoo for some animal fun.
It was the perfect day for my future Zoologist, Sophie.
My cute little seals. The one in the middle is not mine ;).

 And without all of the normal driving around, I was able to do a little sewing! Worked on my Farmer's Wife blocks. I have reconciled with the fact that I will never have the time to catch up to the group. But that's alright. I'll get it done when I can. It may take a few years, but it will happen!

 This last block is a redo. The first one was just terrible. White fixes everything! Ahhhh, all better. I just love these little blocks!

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I print many different fabric block designs and make some of my own designs. I am new to the industry and what I need to know is: what are the typical, most popular sizes of fabric-quilt blocks that people use.

Thanks for any help.

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