Friday, June 21, 2013

Farmer's Wife Friday - Finally!

Finally, the Friday I've been waiting for - it's the last day of school!! My two girls are finally done and it's time for summer to begin! It's so hard to wait when you live in Southern California and the weather is perfect and the beach is calling. Finally we can join in on the fun. Yee haw!
 Jumping right into my Farmer's Wife blocks. So I have a confession to make. Most weeks Thursday night rolls around and I realize, I've got to make my blocks for FWF! Not that I don't want to be working on them. I do! And that's precisely why I started this link-up, to keep me going! But I end up staying up way later than I should to work on my blocks to post for Friday. And then I'm so exhausted the next day! I was determined for that not to be the case this week.
I think the saying goes give a busy person something to do and she gets it done? That's how it went this week. Very busy with swim lessons, end of school parties, dance rehearsals, etc. But baby, I got some blocks done! And because I wasn't sewing them in the wee hours, they came together so much nicer and I think look so much better than they have been looking. I finished the second block from last week, #88. And finished both of this weeks blocks.
I decided to use red and green together, not a combo I use very often. Because I'm so near the end I've been trying to pick out colors and combos that I need more of and I thought red and green would work this week. Still can't help but think of Christmas, but together with all the other blocks I don't think it will be okay. My favorite block this week is this Storm Signal block. You never know for sure how blocks will look when they're done, and I just like the way this one turned out. I now have 90 blocks done, WOW! Can't believe it. I'd love to know where you are in the process, link up and let me know! Here's what you need to do:
1. Link up any post or picture from the past week that features your Farmer's Wife quilt progress.
2. You must LINK back to this post within your post. You can also grab a Farmer's Wife Friday button (on the right side bar).
Have fun reading all the posts! Don't forget, everyone loves a nice comment! 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, it's summer, yay! 

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Carla said...

Beautiful blocks again! So guess what? I FINALLY dug mine out and started joining them for a display tomorrow. I only have a corner done, but it got me excited to work on them again ; ) Will be linking up soon

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