Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Move

Well it's definitely official, we are moving! To where we just don't know. So I will have to admit, things are a little well, scary right now. We have only lived in our current home for 1 1/2 years and we were just feeling so settled. (the owner of our home wants to move back in) We are doing our best to keep the faith and know that things always work out in the end. But packing to move and not knowing where that will be is a bit daunting. We have not been able to find a place here where we live and we've been considering moving to St. George because we love it there. But there aren't many places available there either! And of course the hubs job is here. This is certainly not the summer I expected. But if you can count on anything in life it's change.

I would like to enlist your help if possible! I have a lot of fabric left over from my selling days. I was an Ebay Powerseller selling children's decorator fabrics. I have a bit of quilting fabric and some minky too. I have listed a bunch of it in my Big Cartel shop. The site is nothing fancy and I threw it together pretty quick so if you have any questions, just email me. You can find the shop HERE. I usually ship Priority mail and I will shove as much fabric as I can into a Flat Rate Envelope for $5.00 or a Flat Rate Box for $10.00. So if you see anything(s) you love, go for it!

I also plan on listing some other products and maybe even a quilt or two. And just think, you'll get some awesome stuff and be helping this little family of mine at the same time. :)

Thanks in advance, and if you're the praying kind, we'd appreciate your prayers!


Tammy said...

Ellie that is a dilema for sure. I hope you all figure everything out soon. Just think of it as a fresh clean start and a new home to decorate and a new sewing space. See bet that sounded exciteing....New sewing space..

Carla said...

Oh bummer. Moving is all consuming. I trust God has a place for you ; ) The bright side is you will get to purge and then restock!

Staci said...

Uggh! Unexpected moves are no fun! Well, expected moves aren't much fun, either, and I'm a moving pro at this point in my life.

We'll be going through the same thing in January. Hoping this time we can find a good spot where we can stay a couple years.

I hope you find a wonderful spot to live, soon!

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