Friday, July 19, 2013

Farmer's Wife Friday Forgotten!

Hi quilty peeps! I can't believe it's Friday, in fact I forgot it was Friday! I am currently in the middle of a lot of boxes and denial. We have to be moved out next week and as of today we still don't have a place to go. But we are keeping our hopes and faith high and moving forward because that's all we can do! :)
I don't have blocks to share because I've already packed up my little sewing closet and my machine is in the shop. So I thought I would show you one of my favorite finished tops by Julia at My Rainboots Are Red.
Aren't the colors spectacular!? I just love the mix of Bonnie & Camille with other fun, bright fabrics. I am also planning on sashing with white. She did a fantastic job. If you'd like to see her post with more pictures click HERE.

If you still have some blocks to share this week, I'd love to see them! Here's what you need to do:
1. Link up any post or picture from the past week that features your Farmer's Wife quilt progress.
2. You must LINK back to this post within your post. You can also grab a Farmer's Wife Friday button (on the right side bar).
Have fun reading all the posts! Don't forget, everyone loves a nice comment! 

Hope your weekend is Fab-U-Lous! You know what I'll be doing! ;)


Carla said...

That quilt is absolutely delicious!

Wanda Maria said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love this!

Julia said...

Hi Ellie, thanks for the terrific link to my quilt. You are so nice. I'm still a fairly new blogger (not yet 1 year) and am so I'm excited to find other bloggers like myself. I enjoyed reading yours! I follow you on instagram, but am going to add you to my bloglovin too. Thanks again.

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