Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Basting Away

I love all of the different parts of making a quilt. Designing, cutting the fabric, sewing, quilting...but I'll admit my least favorite is basting. Trying to get the fabrics perfectly layered and pinned. The hardest part is making sure nobody walks on it until I'm done! It's a race to see how fast I can get it pinned and off the floor. It can be downright stressful! :)

But I was excited yesterday to baste my Crooked Coins quilt. I have been waiting until I could get the backing fabric I wanted. As I was browsing a local quilt shop yesterday I actually found the exact fabric! And even better my mom told me she would get it for me as an early birthday present, yippee!

I got it home and started pinning away. Even though it looks like somewhat masochistic, 
I think the pins look beautiful! You can see where I switched sides and starting pinning different areas. It makes a little pattern.

Time to start quilting!


Papgena Made It said...

you're right! the pins made a pattern!
I hope that you share with us how it went the final part (sew). I've been waiting for courage to show up and get my first quilt sew!

Anonymous said... are amazing!! I can't say that enough. I need you to still live "next door" so you can help your technically challenged friend. I am excited that I figured out how to "follow" you. I am a BIG fan already. You are really so talented!! xo

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