Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Farmer's Wife Friday!

This week is Spring Break for my girls, but not for my high school aged son. The girls go to a charter school so they are on a different schedule than my son which is so frustrating! But we decided to make a girl's trip out of it and left the men home to survive on their own. :)
We are visiting my parents in St. George, UT, my favorite place to be. Not only is most of my family here,but there are lots of quilt shops too, bonus! And I have an awesome gift card to use at my favorite shop, Quilted Works. Been saving it since Christmas, thanks mom!
I always bring my sewing machine on trips hoping to do a lot of sewing, but end up having too much to do to be sitting at the machine. However I did sneak in a little sewing time to work on a couple of Farmer's Wife blocks. :) I love having this link up to keep me on my game!

Ready to link up your Farmer's Wife blog posts and pictures?

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  • Have fun reading all the posts! Don't forget, everyone loves a nice comment!

Hope you all have had, are having, or will have a wonderful Spring Break! And to those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter!


Little Lady Patchwork said...

I am going through a polka dot phase right now! I love that you used them again in the background.

Girl Road Trips are the best!

Have a Happy Easter,

Wendi said...

Love your inspiration, we are going to spring break in ST George this coming week. No sewing machine with me though, hubby has lots of plans with me and the kids at Zion's park.

Anonymous said...

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Beautiful blocks. They are so colorful and happy!

Anonymous said...

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pdudgeon said...

Oh! two of my favorite blocks and in such lovely Spring colors too!
thanks for sharing some warm, cute goodness this cold morning.

Anonymous said...

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