Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Project - Girl's Quilt!

I have taken on a new project, but it's one that has been in the works for like four years. Seriously. And it's for my daughters who keep asking, "when are you going to make our quilt"? How could I disappoint these precious faces?
  A little history first. Back in 2008/09 we were in a major transition time. We were supposed to be moving out of the country. We sold our home, had our stuff in storage and I closed down my Ebay fabric store. Then the economy took a dive and the hubs was laid off. We were stuck with no job and no place to live! We ended up with my parents for a while until we found a new job and home. During that time I was a little antsy pantsy. Without my business I had more time on my hands. That was when I started my blog and took up quilting again. 
 For my first project I promised my daughter, Maggie Rose that I would make her a quilt in her favorite color, yellow. As I searched for the perfect fabric to use I came across Tanya Whelan's new (at the time) line, Darla. Gorgeous lemon yellows, touches of pink and roses! If you are a regular blog reader, you know I adore florals, specifically roses. I'm sure you noticed that's even my daughter's middle name. :) So this fabric was perfect!

I decided to keep it simple and make 8" patchwork squares. I was so excited to be sewing again, but when I finished, I didn't really love the way it turned out. Basically just too much yellow! Maggie didn't want a lot of pink, but since the yellows were so pale and similar, it just seemed a little blah. So the project took space on the back burner, life moved on and were back in our own home. 

 Now Maggie shares a room with her little sister, Charlotte. And what is Charlotte's favorite color? Pink, or course! We've looked everywhere for a cute pink and yellow bedspread, but to no avail. All the while they keep asking me to make one. Like the shoemaker's children that have no shoes, the quiltmaker's children....well you get it. 
Recently Thimble Blossoms released the pattern, Flower Girl. The minute I saw it, I knew this would be the perfect quilt pattern for my girls. So I pulled out the "old quilt" and decided to recycle it. I'm using all of the same fabrics, but added more pinks to balance it out. And then the green leaves add even more contrast.
So far I am loving the way this quilt is looking. The blocks are a since to put together (once I cut up the hundreds of fabric squares)! Just looking at it makes me think of my girls and of the memories of the past. Can't wait to finish it up so they can enjoy it. And to know that they are sleeping under something made with so much love.
Don't forget tomorrow is Farmer's Wife Friday! Finish up some blocks and link up. I would love to see the blocks you're working on!


Little Lady Patchwork said...

I like that their quilts will be similar but not matching!

I started My Farmer's Wife Quilt this week, like two blocks that gave me a FIT. I probably won't make the link up this week, but I will do it next week!

Julie said...

What a pretty quilt that will be.

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