Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Fun Day 8

As usual the Christmas season is flying by! I keep waiting for those moments when I can stop and enjoy the season I am trying so hard to plan for. Like, I was planning on doing 12 Days of Christmas Fun here on the blog. But here I am what 4 days late! Oh well, I'll start today! You don't mind right? Without further ado, here is Day 8 of Christmas Fun.

 Sophie had her school Christmas concert last night. The kids sang and played instruments. Sophie played the flute which she just started a couple of weeks ago. (She said she had to fake it on some of the songs lol!) She is the tallest one on the back row. Next to that um, ghostly figure.
After the concert the kids and I decided to go look at holiday lights. We came to one of those homes that synchronizes the lights with music. My teenage son was so excited. He'd seen these on YouTube but not ever in real life. You tune in your car radio and listen along. His favorite part was the little marquis. You can send a text message and it will display it. They were also serve hot apple cider across the street!
Then we noticed people were going inside the house. We all jumped out of the car and scurried inside. So magical! We were welcomed by an upside-down Christmas tree!
Next up, a classic Christmas village. Love the snowman water tower.
The next room had a carnival village, a nativity and a Mickey Mouse village. The kids LOVED that one.
The last village was the North Pole village. I actually have a few pieces of this village, I didn't even know there were that many! I love the snowy mountain background. I mean this people know how to do it! Charlotte my almost 3 year old was just in awe. The last room had their regular Christmas tree and I would've gotten that pic but there was a family there taking their family picture!
I just love little accidents that turn out to be so much fun. Turns out this house actually has it's own website! If you are in South Orange County, here's the info: 25473 Nellie Gail Road, Laguna Hills, California. Web:

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Unknown said...

Holiday lights are everywhere! Amazing, isn’t? It is during this Christmas season that people spend a lot in lighting up their houses, just to feel the holiday atmosphere. Of all the photos, what caught my attention most was the Sparkling Holiday Lights of Paris. Besides its stunning light display, its lights are also energy-efficient.

-Leeanne Dyson

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