Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Fun Day 6

I LOVE Christmas music! I think I start sneaking in some carols in October and by Thanksgiving it's all I listen to. I have some favorite albums that I remember from my childhood like Andy Williams and Barbara Streisand. But I also have newer favorites like Celine Dion and Linda Eder.
This year I bought the album of one our new favorite artists, Mindy Gledhill called Winter Moon. If you have not heard of her, check her out! My girls and I just love her. In fact we found out that she was going to be in the area for a little concert and I surprised Sophie and Maggie with tickets!

It was during the Queen Bee Market in Del Mar. It's a fun little local crafter's show. So we got to enjoy a fun night of shopping and then a bonus concert with Mindy Gledhill!
It was quite intimate and we were sitting four rows back so the girls were really excited. Afterward we were able to meet Mindy and take a quick picture. Sophie is as tall as Mindy! I also took a picture of the girls on the stage backdrop. Isn't that cut? Hundreds of little bow ties. I just love creative folks.
It was such a fun way to start the holiday and will be a wonderful memory with my girls. Thanks Mindy!

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