Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Fun Day 4

Yesterday was my little Charlotte's birthday! She turned the big age of 3. It's not easy to have a birthday around Christmas as I'm sure some of you know.
  But it's nice that she's still little and does not have any big expectations (yet!). At her request we had a donut breakfast via Krispy Kreme and then had a big night out planned.
We headed to Fashion Island in Newport Beach! They have a fabulous big Christmas tree, good eats and shopping. Well, of course on the way there Charlotte fell asleep in the car. So we put her in the stroller and went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Then Daddy was supposed to be coming up from work in San Diego but we couldn't figure out what was taking him so long. Turns out he had gone to the wrong CPK, 20 minutes away! So we finished up, Charlotte woke up, we took this quick pic and headed back home. So much for the tree and fun shopping. But that's life right?

It was time to party! Charlotte wanted an ice cream cake and blew out her three sparkly candles. Then it was onto present opening. It all worked out and she was a happy girl.
I'm so grateful for this little squirt and the joy she brings to our family. Celebrating her birthday adds to the Christmas fun every year.

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